Improving the website visibility of an e-commerce concern: an empirical pilot study.

Chambers, R. & Weideman, M.

Published Online

Chambers, R. & Weideman, M. 2005. Improving the website visibility of an e-commerce concern: an empirical pilot study. ICT Research Forum, 143-155. Faculty of Informatics and Design, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town. ISBN: 978-0-620-40951-3.

The purpose of this research project was to identify, implement and report on the milestones of creating a well-optimised and visible website. An e-commerce based website was selected as an example to illustrate certain areas lacking several important milestones. A website inspection tool was used to evaluate the chosen site. The results were then analysed and several changes were made including metatags, graphics, JavaScript, frames and title tags, without modifying the layout of the website. The website inspection tool was then used to inspect the website again and results were compared. Areas affected were: metatags, frames, graphics descriptions, JavaScript and a sitemap.
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