Investigation of the relationship between Website usability and Web metrics.

Ntlangula, BM. & Weideman, M.

Published Online

Ntlangula, BM. & Weideman, M. 2012. Investigation of the relationship between Website usability and Web metrics. Working Paper. Presented as an M&D Conference Paper at SAICSIT 2012, Pretoria, South Africa. Online:

Website usability and the use of website metrics are both methods which could be used to indicate popularity and/or success of a website. For commercial websites, being successful in terms of listing on search engine result pages is of paramount importance. Prior research on website usability has indicated that a number of elements can be used to make up usability from the user's point of view. At the same time, programs that provide website metrics are freely available, and their output give many indications of website activity and performance. The purpose of this paper is to propose a method of determining whether or not there is a link between the results of measuring usability, as opposed to website metrics.
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