Francke, Errol Dr

Dr Francke is the domain leader of the Access Domain in the Department of IT at CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) in Cape Town.

His research areas are:

  1. Human-Digital Interaction: Human interaction with digital and creative technologies, and the impact digital and creative technologies have on humans, social issues, and development;

The sub theme is “Achieving growth and development through ICT and innovation” with particular focus on how ICT and innovation could assist with:

a.  Peace and Security for women, children and the elderly

b.  Youth unemployment and career choices

  1. Digital Realities: Alternative, augmented and virtual reality made possible through digital technology.

The sub theme is “Achieving growth and development through 4IR technologies” with particular focus on how 4IR technologies could assist with:

  1. Alleviation of Poverty and Inequality
  2. Skills Development for youth and unemployed
  3. Alternative teaching and learning opportunities through AR and VRCompleted research project titles:
    • “A Smart City for a Smart Continent.”
    • “The potential contribution of Artificial Intelligence to plagiarism: a higher education perspective.”
    • “Educating the Millennial Learner: A Case of Collaborative Learning with Augmented Reality.”
    • “Entrepreneurial development in South Africa through innovation: A model for poverty alleviation.”
    • “Meeting the Challenge of Educating the Digitally Engaged Student at a University of Technology in South Africa.”
    • “Size and shape of the mobile applications development industry in the Western Cape.”